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New beginning... [Mar. 30th, 2005|07:34 pm]
[Feeling |contentcontent]

New spot would be, http://livejournal.com/users/N0silla
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Back and Forth [Feb. 16th, 2005|10:12 pm]
[Feeling |tiredtired]

Yoooo.... Okay, I got a lot to write about today...

Feb. 9 th-12th [ Wednesday-Saturday ]- Eric came over and left one of his cell phones... but before we get into that, I have to tell you about lil' Kevin, aka, "Carlton" ('cause he looks just like Carlton off of Fresh Prince of Bellaire, haha), well he likes me and has been liking me since the beginning of this school year. Anyway, Eric knew that, and early that week [ Monday ], somebody texted me like, "Who is this?" then I said "Allie, who is this?" then they were like, "Lil' Kevin", and during this whole time, I was on the phone with Eric. So me and "Kevin" are talkin', and then he sends me this message that says, "Could you like... go with me for one day?" then put, "haha, nah, I wouldn't do Eric like that", then we carried on regular conversation over the next two days... [ Jump to Wednesday ], Eric left his one of his phones over my house, so, me, just being the slightly nosey person that I am starts going through it because at first I didn't know it was his, so, I see messages from ME THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE TO LIL' KEVIN IN THERE, so I was like, "Damn!" I got mad 'cause that's immature, I think he tried to catch me in a lie! And I'm already heated at him 'cause I was going through his phone checkin' his messages and I see some shit in his outbox to some girl named Ashley saying, "Yeah, I got a lot of reasons why you and me should be boyfriend and girlfriend..." blah blah blah, so when he finds out that he left it, he start trippin' like, "Bring it to school tomorrow, don't forget", so I put it on my dresser. I end up LEAVING it there by accident, so he told me to bring it to him on Friday, so I said okay, and I SWEAR ON MY LIFE that I forgot again.... Then this nigga gon' throw a HISSY FUCKIN FIT yellin' and shit, I'm like, "It's YOUR fault you left it in the first place!" so, I'm sittin' on the couch, half sleep Friday after school when Eric comes in, goes into my room, gets the phone, and leaves! He just salty 'cause he knows I figured him out, how dumb and immature is that? But anyway, I was going to this Winter Formal the next day... And JONATHAN asked me again 'cause Eric said he couldn't go for some reason... But yeah, we end up going... then KISSING THREE times on the dance floor... I don't know what got into my ass, haha, but that's what happened.

Feb. 14th - Valentine's Day. I hadn't talked to Eric since that Friday so he didn't know anything about the kiss w/ Jonathan or anything. I didn't go to school on Monday so I didn't get a PHONE CALL, a VISIT, or at least a damn TEXT MESSAGE from him all day. So that night, I text him like: "We need to talk", then he was like, "What is it about, just tell me that", then I was like, "Us", and he was like, "Okay", he called me and just started talkin' to me like we wasn't just havin' problems, then I talked to his mom and she started makin' fun of him like, "That's what you get. You can't ignore her for two days and then just act like everything is normal!" so yeah... we kinda sorta broke up.... OH YEAH! Demain called me! Ahhh!

Feb. 15th - Eric and I still exchanged gifts. He got me this big ass brown teddy bear, it's kinda scary. But I felt all special carrying it around. But I was a day late and w/ the gifts, haha. But anyway, there was a big tournament game at the school so it was crowded as hell up there. Me, Eric, Audrey, Chante, Sharae, Jazmine, the other Jasmine, Justin, and MASS other people stayed after school for the game... it was SOOOOOOOO fun. Everybody was up there to see "OJ MAYO", trust me, ya'll hear about him in the NBA soon enough. He's a beast. He been dunkin' since he was a Freshman, playin' varsity and shit. But it's mass girls on his dick 'cause they know he bout to GET THAT CHECK! Haha, he's ugly though. But his team, North College Hill, all some beasts! They basically all over 6 foot, haha, they squashed the other team... at one point, they were up by 51 fuckin' points. The other team was just clumsy as hell, they kept slippin', trippin', all that shit. One dude fell over the bench after catchin' a pass [ smh ]. I felt bad for them. But anyway, it was kinda awkward sitting with JONATHAN on one side and ERIC on the other, haha. Me and him haven't really started talkin' yet but I know we will soon... The game was live though, I'll have more details about it tomorrow or something... I gotta clean up the kitchen.
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Bipolar [Feb. 11th, 2005|09:28 pm]
[Feeling |amusedamused]

Haha, ya'll 'bout to trip but uh... I'm going to my Winter Formal w/ Jonathan aka the infamous Homeoming date, lmfaO... How did that come about? Long story! lol, well, he was supposed to go with Britnee, but they just ended up not going and Jasmine called me one day after school like, "Jonathan's not going to winter formal!" then some how, she got him to ask me, and now... it's official, haha. It's tomorrow night. My dress is goldish/creame kinda color, it's really pretty though. The back goes REALLY low, but it has ties up a lil', it's hot. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures. BBL to update more...
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Love SQUARE... [Jan. 27th, 2005|03:37 pm]
[Feeling |coldcold]

Yeah, I know, who thought it could get any worse? lmaO, but to be foreal, I'm not really troppin' off of Jonathan ( my homecoming date ), ya'll should remember him. But anyway, I'm just now starting to post his name instead of the ________ thing because I don't care if anybody that I know sees it anymore, lmfaO... it's in the past. But yesterday, my friend Jasmine called me and was like, "Girl, yo boo Jonathan just told me today that he starting to like you again..." To keep it real, I did get a lil' geeked but it's not happenin'. He had his chance, and I doubt it would last anyway. But it's still flatterin' to hear that anybody likes you, you know?

Nothing really happened today at school... I had weights 5th bell, and I'm sore as a HELL! It's no joke... My abs and my thighs are so cramped up. I tried stretchin' a lil' bit but it's just not working.

UGH! OH YEAH! Why my DUMB ass wanna be cute and wear some capri's today!? It's 27 degrees! It was so cold, my legs stung! My outfit was cute though. I have on a Reese shirt, some khaki capri's, all white iversons (low top) and an orange flower in my hair. It was down for the first four bells but I put it in a ponytail for the rest. Anyhoo...

I haven't talked to Eric foreal in two days = ( ... I wonder if he's mad at me! I hope not, I don't really think I've given him a reason to.

Does anybody know how to upload pics from your phone onto the net?! I need help, lol... 'cause I just have so many. That's all for right now! I'm about to go comment in everyone's journals...
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Love Triangle! [Jan. 24th, 2005|10:40 am]
[Feeling |ditzyditzy]

I really don't have time to be on the net, but I can't really pull myself away and totally cancel out my account so... I'll just update when I can! lol, but anyway... a lot has happened. Exactly a week after that last entry, I met up with my boo ( 'Main ) at the movies. I really didn't think that he was going to come. I had called him at like three o'clock and told him that I was going to see Coach Carter with my sister and my nephew and told him which theater and what-not. He told me he was going to call to let me konw if he was coming or not. The movie started at six and he didn't call 'till like, six thirty, I figured he was just going to call and say something like "Sorry, I can't make it, blah blah blah", so I didn't answer. Fifteen minutes later, he called again and this time I had my sister, who was sittin' right next to me, answer it. They were talkin' for a minute and then she leaned over and told me that he was out in the lobby. So my heart damn near jumped out my throat, lmfaO, 'cause I was just caught off guard. She told me to meet him by the food stand. I was beggin' her to go with me 'cause I hadn't seen him in forever and i was so nervous. Every part of my body felt like jello! So, I walk out there and see him standing by the food looking SOOOOOOOOO FINE! Just seeing his face reminded me of why I love him so much and how much fun we had together. But check it, the NIGHT BEFORE, I was at the same theater with my boyfriend Eric and his mom 'cause she wanted to meet me and I started feeling bad. Even though I had no intentions on hookin' up with 'Main, I know how we feel for each other. So, anyway, we walked over to a couch and started talkin', catchin' up on old times. I told him I would just chill out in the lobby with him 'cause I'd already seen the movie. So, we talkin' for a minute, and then it gets quiet, he just looks at me and was like "Can I hug you?" I'm like, "of course!" haha, so he was like "But I don't want to do it here, 'cause you know yo boyfriend might walk in or something... haha" so I was just like whatever, we stood up and walked around then just decided to walk right back 'cause it was a big group of dudes over there and he said he didn't want them "staring at me", lol. So we sat back down on the couch and I scooted closer to him and while I was huggin him, HE KISSED ME! I need to stress the he kissed me part because I did not make the first move! Then afterwards, he was like "you mad at me?" I just shook my head no, still in a daze. Then he started playing with my hands, tellin' me how pretty I was and all this stuff. Then we started talking about his ex-girlfriend ONCE AGAIN. To keep it real, I get so sick of hearing about her, because he always tells me how she doin' him wrong and all this, and I'm just like, "why are you still talkin' to her then!?!" then he gets into the whole "I still have feelings for her" shit, and that just ruins the mood, lol. But anyway, we hug, talk, etc. until the movie is over. My sister ended up takin' him home and we just kissed a lil' here and there in the backseat... I swear, when I was laying on his shoulder, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world... I was mad when we got to his house. He told me to call him that night and I did and we ended up talkin' to like 1 in the AM. He told me he loved me and no matter what, if we were friends, lovers & friends, or in a relationship, we would be coo' either way. I think that too.

Anyway, Saturday was Winter. I went with Eric, Angel went with her boyfriend, and Audrey went by her damn self and had the most fun! lmaO... But it was all good. I didn't go to school today because I had so much homework and didn't have time to do it this weekend... yeah, I'm spoiled so what, haha... But maybe more details about the dance later.

Oh yeah, SORRY ABOUT NOT COMMENTING ON MY FRIEND'S JOURNALS! If you feel the need to delete me, go ahead, I understand... I'll try and comment more though.

I'm So frustrated! I'm trying to fix up my journal!!!!
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Happy New Year! [Jan. 9th, 2005|04:31 pm]
[Feeling |confusedconfused]

My "welcome back" was short lived, huh? haha, but yo, okay, I doubt I told you all about Demain ( can't remember if I did ) but anyway, he called me on January 1st! The day I met him THREE NEW YEARS AGO! But what he told me has had me shook for the past couple of days and I doubt it'll go away. I haven't talked to him since, September I think, and out the blue he calls me. So, I've been talking to him basically every day since the 1st, and he told me that he's been almost killed twice, robbed, everything. Like, when he was telling me that, I was so quiet on the phone... I didn't know what to say. It hurt so bad to hear that my baby could have been KILLED. He was the first boy that I really ever loved... I still love him with all my heart. Well, anyway, he's had on and off girlfriends, and he was talking to this one chick but they broke up the Thursday night 'cause she's been cheating on him. He knew that she was for a while now but she's been denying it and crying and all that shit so, yeah. But it's SO much that's been going on with him but I just can't type it all. He said I'm the only girl that he was with and didn't have to worry about my faithfulness. I want to get back with him and he wants to get back with me but I couldn't do that to Eric, I really do have a soft spot for him, but I think we should just be friends. He doesn't kiss! lmaO, I don't really think it's funny, but it is in a sense. He trippin' off of diseases and shit, I'm just listening to him like... are you serious!? But yeah, he told me flat out that he won't kiss. I'm not saying that a relationship should be based STRICTLY off of being physical with one another 'cause I'm a virgin, but... a simple kiss? What the fuck else is there to do? He comes over all the time and we still haven't kissed yet, I just find that KrAzy. My mom told me that I'm only liking him less because 'Main is back in my life, and I don't doubt that, but that's not the only reason.

(Oh yeah, he got me a name belt and some money for Christmas )

Sorry, just had to throw that in there, but anyway, 'Main doesn't want to be the 'cause for our break-up so he's tellin' me to stay with him 'cause he's making me happy and all that, but I'm REALLY caught in a dilemma. I can honestly say that 'MAIN NEEDS ME. He told me that just by talking to him, I'm helping him in such a big way. I'm helping him break down his stress. It's niggas in almost every neighborhood that wants to hurt him and it's over some BULLSHIT! I swear guys in Cincinnati are so damn... petty! It's unbelievable. But I'm confused! I need some guidance! lol...
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Sorry! [Dec. 29th, 2004|07:01 pm]
[Feeling |creativecreative]

That's gonna be my lil' introduction banner if I ever do make this friends only, lol. I just re-downloaded PSP and so I was just playing around with it for a minute and made that. But yeah, sorry about me not being online for a while.

Yo, I'm so sorry I haven't been on the net. My mom got sick of me and Angel [ my sister, pic somewhere below ] so we had been stayin' with our aunt on my dad's side for a minute. It ain't coo', they strict as hell over there man! They have the internet but you barely ever allowed to use it anyway... So it's been real boo boo. But some new news, I have a boyfriend! His name is Eric, I've known him for a year and four months now, but this year is when he really started flirting with me. He asked me out on my birthday. I walked into school and he had a bag with a bear a card and some chocolate in it and so he told me not to read it until later. I opened the card and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet, haha. I don't feel like going to get it to quote it exactly, but anyway, inside he wrote a lil' note that went something like "I'm gonna go throwback with this one, 'Will you be my girlfriend from now on? Haha.' and it had the boxes that you supposed to check and he told me to reply to him in a text and I said yeah and the rest is history! Haha... But anyway, he came over after school and me Dee Dee, Angel, Dorese, Audrey, Andrea, Rachael, Danielle, and this girl named Kiara went out to eat at Buca De Beppo's and then we were supposed to go bowlin but we ended up going to Blockbuster's and orderin' movies and then my mom's friend and me and Audrey drove Eric home and then I had a lil' sleepover back at the house. It was real coo'. I got some all black Timberlins, a new Motorola V220 flip camera phone, a pink off the shoulder sweater, two pairs of jeans, and a gift card to old navy + some money from my aunt. But yeah, we got to come home, sort of, for Christmas. Now I'm back home for good. My mom's BACK in a good mood, lol. She just said we were sort-of ungrateful or whatever, and I guess she's kinda right.

But yeah, for Christmas I got $250 dollars and thas about it, lol. My mom said most of my presents for my birthday counted for Christmas too, smh, black people! lol.

Oh yeah, Jonathan and me had been 'ignoring eachother' as you all may know, but on my birthday, when my sister picked me up, he sent me a text message like 'Yo, I'm sorry I been actin like a ass lately. And happy birthday', haha, I knew he would crack sooner or later! But too damn bad, I know I'm not over him but I'm not giving him the attention that I used to.
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Boredom... [Dec. 3rd, 2004|11:36 pm]
[Feeling |boredbored]

I just got back from BW3's... YUM! It was so good... but anyway, let me tell you what's been happenin' over the past few weeks. Oh yeah, I'm late but HAPPY THANKSGIVING! lol, I'm hoping it was a good one everybody! My birthday's next Friday! (exactly one week)! I cannot wait! But anyway, ________ and I haven't talked much at all and I'm okay with it. I hate feeling like it's mandatory that I talk to him when I see him in the hallway, you know? Because before all this drama went down, if I did that, he'd be like "Why you trippin?" or something stupid like that... so yeah, I'm good!

Nothing has happened besides that... I had this big test yesterday so I didn't go to school, but I had to make it up today (boo)! It was hard too...

Today, there was a basketball game us against Oak Hills. It was live, we were in the audience just chillin', havin' fun. Then we went to BW3's, MORE laughs, MORE jokes, lmfaO... I'm TOO tired to type about it now, but I will tomorrow! Love ya!
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Word of Mouth [Nov. 23rd, 2004|06:37 pm]
[Feeling |angryangry]
[Tunes |Ashanti - *Only You*]

OKay, when I think the situation can't get any worse... it does! Tell my WHY _______ and Brittnee break up! Okay, my bestfriend/God sister/cousin (whatever you wanna call her) [ she's ________'s bestfriend ] at like 5 o clock like, "Omg, you know they broke up right?" I was like, "Are you serious?" then she explained to me what happened and I was just like, "Man, that's crazy...." then she told me she had to call me back. Later on, she told me that he was like, "I'm so mad at Alley right now! Brittnee broke up with me because of all this drama!" So, she tells him that he needs to talk it out with me so a bit later on, he text messaged me and this is how </b>that</b> conversation went: [And I quote]
Him: "I'm so mad at you right now."

Me: "Still? What did I do now?" (I had to act like I didn't know)

Him: "Me and brittnee broke up today and its yo fault! We broke up cuz it was too much drama!"

Me: "Are you SERIOUS? It's MY fault? How is it my fault? Don't just use me as an excuse as to why she doesn't like you!"

Him: "Alex told me u talked to her this morning, shes one person, them (non-spellin' ass) I asked Libby a second time if she was sure u said somethin, and she said u did. Thats two people! And even jasmine said u be sayin stuff! And i cant stand that immature shit! U got so much stuff to say to jasmine butg cant say none of that to my face!"

Me: "Yeah! I talked to Alex and told her exactly what went down and how Libby was twisting my words. I asked Libby exactly what she told BJ ( Brittany Johnson ) and she ain't answer me! And what the fuck Jasmine got to say?"

[ Jasmine is supposed to be my "bestfriend" at the school but she has prooven ONE TOO MANY TIMES that she's not a real friend. She was the main one doggin' Brittnee! What the fuck can she say to ________ about me? I called her later but she didn't answer... She better hope that I don't see her tomorrow or else it's on foreal. She is too grimey for me! ]

Him: "I dunno wut she got to say. I'm deallin wit u right now. U were tha one who likeed me, the one who was mad when i started goin wit brittnee, tha one who kept on sayin stupid shit about me and brittnee. I mean, it makes perfect sense why u would say somethin about her! U jelous [ can't spell worth shit ] that i aint pick u over brittnee and u still like me! If u didn't my name wouldn't always be in yo mouth!"

Me: (I went off with this one) "Can't you see that she just used this 'drama' as an excuse to break up with you? Actually, fuck that, be mad. Fuck what other people got to say! I'm mad that I'm actually letting what you say get to me... You obviously gonna believe what you want and I can't change that. I USED to like you! Past tense nigga! I was never jealous of Brittnee, yet I did question you why you picked her 'over me' which you answered for me, and I was coo! So, be mad at me ________, I'll live."

I had said mad other shit but I can't remember everything, basically, I know I cut his ass up because he didn't right back. But can you believe the NERVE OF HIM? He so damn cocky, watch his ass try to talk to me at church this weekend, hell no! I don't care if his daddy is the Bishop! Yo, I swear that was the shock of the week! Haha, tried to get fake brick on me!?! Nigga what?! lmaO... Whew!

ANYWAY, pics from Senior Dress-up Day ( for Holloween ) were finally posted on the website. I'll post some.

- I thought they were so cute!

- Monopoply!
- Flava Flaaaaaave! He kept going around school shouting that, haha
- Edward Scissor hands

- The Mask & Audrey's dude ( in the black tank ) in the back... Can you guess?........ Guess in my comments who you think it is! lol
- Cute!
- My friend Sidney! Haha
- There were so many Michael's! Oh my goodness...

That's pretty much all the good ones...

Oh yeah, I'll try and comment on ya'll's LJ's either tonight or tomorrow, I'll try and get it done tonight though = D ... Thanks for commentin' on mine. Until next time, HOLLA!

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Rumors [Nov. 22nd, 2004|04:19 pm]
[Feeling |fullfull]

Oh my goodness! If bitches don't learn to keep my name out their mouths, I'm gonna scream! Okay, around 5th bell, ________ came up to me and this is basically how the conversation went:

Him: "Um, I heard you and Jasmine were talking about Britt saying that she looked like a rodent, and saying that she was fast and whatever"

Me: "Oh shit... please, who told you that?"

Him: "Brittany Johnson" (Senior)

Me: "________, I have not talked about Britt since last Monday ( laugh ), I'm playin', but I don't even discuss my personal issues with nobody at this school so where is she gettin' her facts from?"

Him: "I don't know, but she just came up and told me that and I just wanted to talk to you about it"

Me: "For?"

Him: ( Silence )

Me: "Well, if she wanna start this he said she said shit, I'm not 'bout to get into it. If she though I said something about her friend, then she needs to address me and not go telling other people that unless she knows for a fact. For her to be a damn senior she's immature as hell. And with all this, I speak for MYSELF, not Jasmine."

Then I walked away... ain't nobody on their nuts like that BUT them. They're thinking way too much into it. At first, I was kind of salty, I'm not gon' lie, but really, I'm over it. It's not the end of the world... IT'S HIGHSCHOOL! So, I went up to Brittany Johnson ( BJ ), and this is how THAT conversatoin went:

Me: "You told ________ that I was talking about Britt?"

Her: "Yeah"

Me: "Why? Where you hear that from?"

Her: "Libby"

Me: "Well, I don't even talk to her like that... and I don't have a personal problem with Britt, I don't even talk to her. So, you really dfid need to come up to me first and address me with what she said instead of going on and believing what you heard."

Her: "I never thought that you said it. I figured it was Jasmine."

Me: "Well that's coo', but please don't put my name in anything like that especially if you aren't sure."

Then, I walked away from her 'cause I had to get to Health class. Libby is the one who had a big problem with ________ and Britt gettin' together because she knew that I had liked him and that he was liking me and she wanted us to get together badly, for what reason? I have no clue. But for her to say that wasn't coo' AT ALL. I didn't get a chance to see her after school but best believe tomorrow morning, it's on! Haha...


The party that I went to with Honeste, TT, and Audrey was SO fun... It was from 8-12 am. At first, when we walked in, there was only like, 15 people and nobody was dancing. They had HOT music but nobody was doing anything. So we started dancing first, and then Honeste's cousins walked in and they started dancing with us and eventually, the party got started. Ya'll, I promise you, I woke up Sunday morning SORE! My back was hurting so much from twerkin', lol. P-Poppin' came on and this dude named Harry grabbed my arm so I started dancin' on him, then in the middle of the song, he started dancing on me. Tell me WHY this dude get two girls to hold his legs and started poppin' upside down! Haha, I fell out laughin'. Then Get On My Level came on and everybody started jumping around, actin' nuts, so I backed out the crowd 'cause I didn't want my foot to get stepped on again, haha. I had took my shoes off 'cause my Timbs were killin' me! Well, blah blah blah, we danced. 1, 2 Step came on, but it was like some damn... Techno version, so nobody danced foreal, haha. When Goodies came on, the girl whose b-day it was came up to me and was like "Can you dance with him, please?" I look down and it was like this 11-yr-old lookin' boy standing there with his head down. I was like, "Dang, how old is he?" and she laughed and said 14, so I twerked on him, feelin' like Miss R. Kelly! Haha. This dude was holding his hands on my butt trying to show him how to hold me, it was the funniest thing. I didn't dance with him for more than a few seconds though, 'cause it just felt WRONG, haha. But anyway, I ended up gettin' this dude named Bryants number and... That was my night! I woke up at 11 o clock the next day! lol...

Anyhoo, I wore this girl from school named Laci's boots, today:

I think she might let me have 'em 'cause they too small for her.
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